Boat Design

An ongoing class offering in-depth instruction in traditional sailboat and yacht design. Students learn a simple but sophisticated traditional approach for developing seaworthy and efficient boat designs, and to develop these through lines drawings. Each student designs and prepares the lines drawings for a small boat. Apprentices prepare several such drawings over one year.


This class is for novices and intermediate level students.


Ongoing throughout the year, currently Wednesday mornings from 9 am. to noon.

Number of students

This class is attended by the Arques School’s apprentices and up to three additional students.


$350 (U.S.) per student
Tuition is for twenty sessions. One half payable with registration: The balance to the instructor on the first day of class

Tool needs

Students should have their own drafting equipment – pencils, straightedge, scale, erasers etc. Specialized drafting tools such as fairing battens will be provided


Robert Darr – a boatbuilder, designer and teacher with over thirty years experience. He is well known for his use of native California woods in boatbuilding and for his emphasis on self-reliance.