Current Project: A Pinky Double-ender For San Francisco Bay

This program is avocational, for serious amateurs who love traditional wooden boats and wish to help preserve the history, design, and construction methods of this craft. Applicants must have solid woodworking experience before applying to this class.  

The course is taught in a traditional manner. Students must be on time and remain focused on the task at hand. Students must at all times abide by the safety and visitation rules laid down by the School. The School does not offer financial aid or help with housing. Nor can we help foreign students with visas.

This course offers opportunities to study lofting, the making of molds and setting up the backbone, making and installing sawn and steam-bent framing, planking, caulking, finishing, as well as building the vessel’s rig. Week-days, twice a week, starting in late August, 2018.


A similar Arques School project was the Bush Island Boat, completed in 2000.

Tuition is $1500 for six months, or $30 per day.  Shorter periods of attendance are possible at $40 per day.


Anton Hottner, Holden Crane.