Building ‘Tern’
    Learn the skills needed to build 'Tern', the boat pictured above. We're miling locally cut coast fir in a sustainable manner, using a traditional approach to wooden boat building.  We will shortly be building another 'Tern' in the Saturday Class.  The School's volunteers will also try to build one later this year on the Rmore>>
Boat Design
An ongoing class offering in-depth instruction in traditional sailboat and yacht design. Students learn a simple but sophisticated traditional approach for developing seaworthy and efficient boat designs, and to develop these through lines drawings. Each student designs and prepares the lines drawings for a small boat. Apprentices prepare severamore>>
Classic Small Boats On The Bay
Description: Sailing on the Bay will continue with occasional sails usually lasting two or three hours.  The program is operated by School volunteers Please join the volunteer program if you'd like or sign up to get on our contact list for upcoming outings. Attendees: Limited to 4 participants on a first come, first serve basis.  Please emailmore>>
The Apprenticeship Program
Applicants must have solid woodworking experience before applying to this program.  Beginning students must  attend the Saturday Class to become qualified. The time it takes to become sufficiently skilled varies a great deal from student to student. Qualifying for the Apprenticeship program depends upon mastering basic hand-cut joinery andmore>>
All-Day Saturday Class
This is an ongoing class that teaches the fundamentals of proper hand tool usage, traditional woodworking and wooden boatbuilding. THIS CLASS IS ALSO A PREREQUISITE FOR APPLICANTS TO THE APPRENTICESHIP PROGRAM, even if applicants have previous woodworking experience. Apprenticeship applicants with good woodworking experience qualify for the apprentmore>>
Lumber Harvesting, Drying, and Applications
Instruction on how to harvest and cure locally growing boat building timber. For all levels of woodworking experience. On a first come, first serve basis with a tuition cost of $40 per session. Instructor: Robert Darr is a boatbuilder, designer, and teacher with over thirty years of experience. He has pioneered the use of Californian woods inmore>>