Advanced Class in Traditional Wooden Boatbuilding
  MAY 6, 2020: The photo to the right shows the first stage of Dolphin's lofting, the transfer of hull shapes taken from the boat and reproduced as a full sized drawing of the boat in several two-dimensional views.  The profile, half-breadth, and body-plan views must all come into accord for the boat to be deemed properly "faired" and ready more>>
Free Celestial Navigation Class
The Arques School will again be offering a free class in traditional celestial navigation (using the sextant and 249 tables) starting sometime in the fall of 2020.  This class will meet for several consecutive daytime sessions for instruction in the use of the sextant and a straightforward approach to the calculations needed to find one's positionmore>>
Boat Design
  Above: The 18 ft. sharpie Lil Gal, a simple day sailor for protected waters. Like all of our classes, the Design Class is avocational, intended for serious amateurs who love traditional wooden boats and wish to help preserve the history, design, and construction methods of this craft. Applicants must first visit the school by apmore>>
Classic Small Boats On The Bay
Description: Sailing on the Bay will return once covid-19 is no longer a worry.  We offer occasional sails usually lasting two or three hours. Please sign up to get on our contact list for upcoming outings. Requirements: All participants must have some sailing experience, and must have read and signed the liability release forms before going omore>>
All-Day Saturday Class
This is an ongoing class that teaches the fundamentals of proper hand tool usage, traditional woodworking and wooden boatbuilding. Our current project is the building of a curved Chamberlain Skiff (as seen in photos at different stages of construction on this page). Prospective students should first email the School to schedule a visit to introdmore>>