Evening class: Dovetails and Casework
The 1839 School Box as pictured in Woodworking Magazine’s Autumn 2009 issue. We'll build this box as well as a dovetailed tool tray in this class. A short course for novice to intermediate woodworkers focused on building a small dovetailed tool tray and the 1839 School Box from The Joiner and Cabinet Maker published by Lost Art Press. In tmore>>
Advanced Class in Traditional Wooden Boatbuilding
  ABOVE: DOLPHIN PLANKING AS OF NOVEMBER, 2022 This class is for experienced woodworkers who want to broaden their knowledge of classical wooden boat design, lofting, and traditional plank-on-frame boatbuilding with an emphasis on hand-tools. This is an ongoing class, Mondays and Thursdays from 9am to noon.  We are now working on our latemore>>
Free Celestial Navigation Class
  Learn how to use the sextant with a straightforward explanation of the calculations needed for locating one's position at sea.   We will again be teaching traditional celestial navigation (using the sextant and 249 tables) at Doran Beach near Bodega Bay in September/October of 2022.  The classes will be held on consecutive Saturdays more>>
Boat Design
  JOIN THE DESIGN CLASS!  IT'S QUITE SATISFYING, ESPECIALLY IF YOU BRING A MEASURE OF PATIENCE AND AN APPRECIATION FOR TRADITIONAL WOODEN BOATS. Take a look at the photos of boats on various pages of this website.  With the exception of Dolphin, all of the boats that you see in our boatshop were designed over the years in this clamore>>
Classic Small Boats On The Bay
Description: Yes, we are again sailing on the Bay.  We offer occasional sails gratis, usually for an hour or two. Please sign up to get on our contact list for upcoming outings. Requirements: All participants must have some sailing experience, and must have read and signed the liability release forms before going out on Arques School boatsmore>>
All-Day Saturday Class
  Of all of our classes, the Saturday Class remains the most popular.  From 9am to 4pm every Saturday except holidays, we offer training in the proper use of hand tools necessary for traditional woodworking and wooden boatbuilding.   Prospective students should first email the School to schedule a visit to introduce themselves. Aftemore>>