Classic Small Boats On The Bay


Yes, we are again sailing on the Bay.  We offer occasional sails gratis, usually for an hour or two. Please sign up to get on our contact list for upcoming outings.

Requirements: All participants must have some sailing experience, and must have read and signed the liability release forms before going out on Arques School boats.

Limited to 2 passengers.  Please email your request to plan a sail at

No cost: a free chance to get out on a traditional wooden boat sailing the bay!

We have started sailing the SF Bay Gillnetter again because its large cockpit is spread out enough to achieve social distancing for a passenger or two.  The Gillnetter was built by the Arques School in 1997.  It is the only replica of the original 23.5 ft long SF Bay gillnetters that once sailed in the hundreds along the North Bay, primarily fishing salmon for the local canneries.