Freda Lines Project

The photographs below depict the process of capturing the shape of Freda’s hull.  This is known as “picking  up the lines,”  meaning the design lines needed for lofting a vessel (drawing it full size) and for making an accurate set of plans that would preserve Freda’s hull shape for posterity.  The Arques School instructor and students worked in 2005 to accomplish this task.  The photos also show how grown sawn frames of black locust were prepared from patterns taken from the lofting.  Freda’s plans (“Freda Profile” and “Freda half-breadth”) can be found at the bottom of the page. Just click on either one.

Photo Above: After the lines were picked up and patterns made for rebuilding Freda’s hull, the old rotted and distorted hull was demolished.



Click “Freda Profile” and “Freda half-breadth” to see the plans produced from the full size lofting, the latter harvested from the work of picking up Freda’s lines:

Freda Profile

Freda half-breadth